Welcome to my journey into my not-so-simple and sometimes extremely complicated life and hopefully out to a stronger, more confident woman and single mother.  

Why am I sharing this blog that will be so personal to me?

This would be an excellent way for me to track and share my journey after seven years of hiding. I am ultimately hoping that in sharing my journey, the intimate parts of my story, the good, the bad, and the ugly – not only will I help myself heal, but it will help others gain the confidence to mend as well. 

Starting with a brief introduction to me.

I am what is called an ’empath’ or a ‘highly sensitive person.’ It doesn’t take long into the deep-dive research to find out that most people like me come from haunted backgrounds. They were the observant child, usually, one that wanted to help but didn’t receive the treatment or the encouragement that they needed to grow but instead accomulated traumas that made them hyper-aware of the smallest things in their environments and behavior of others. We weren’t the rebels, we ate all of that up, and it holds in our bodies and our minds.

A flinch of an eyebrow or the disgusted quirk of someone’s lips as they spoke, and that feeling that is displayed dives deep into your chest and rests there. I know I’ve felt it, and it wasn’t my emotion to feel. If your instincts were anything like mine, you wanted to help ease that discomfort or balance that feeling out by sometimes pointing out the bright-side, others making a joke. Later I learn that it was better to cower or retreat, worried that it was something that I had done. Sometimes the person has no idea of how that feeling dives in deep and makes a nest there in my chest, and other times, a person uses it to their advantage to gain control of me. 

Luckily for me have a great many more people that don’t want to control me than that do. Then I met a Narcissus and my world flipped upside down… more on that later. 

Now, if you met me in person, I tend to be a bubbly and positive woman that laughs when she’s nervous or feeling awkward. Guess what, some people like me and others don’t. I’m a lot of ‘too’s: too positive, too anxious, too emotional, too kind (yes, I’ve actually have heard this one), too people-pleasing, too sensitive, too busy, too uptight, too patient, too… You get the picture. Some contradict the other, but I’ve heard all of it. 

Now, I can be pretty relaxed about things not going so ‘hot’ in my life, and I am definitely the person that can find a way to make something happen. It’s one of my skills… though, I will tell you, I am a Jill of all Trade and a master of none. It’s kinda my job as a creative person to find an innovative solution. So it’s my job to do that for myself in my journey in healing myself, and yes, that makes me feel like I’m selfish. I’m working on accepting that I need to put my airplane mask on first – take care of myself so that I can care for others. That’s what this blog is for.

So what will this blog about my personal journey cover?

  • Personal Writings – This seems like a given
  • Experiments that I do to try to help my high sensitivity
  • How I create peace in my busy life as a single mom
  • Spiritually Posts – I am an eclectic by nature, but really I hope everyone can find a gem or two here and there in the words I have to share
  • My learning points as I build Whimsical Moon – My crafty design side hustle
  • Crafts and designs that I am currently working on
  • Book reviews or personal development content as I move forward
  • And probably more as I figure out where this path is leading

2020 is my year on the journey to healing myself, my family, and my home. I am happy to share that here. Thank you for taking this time to read a little bit about me, and I hope you come back next week to see what comes up. 

❤ Fae