I keep looking at this year’s calendar, wondering how long I will put off writing this post. It’s not that I don’t want to write it; I do a lot. But sitting here, putting it into words makes it a commitment, and with the chaos the world is still experiencing, it’s hard to commit to anything. But I am going to write it anyway, and I am going to take this next step.

A quick 2020 recap; I failed at a great many things and succeeded at some things. Mainly life dropped entirely in my lap as many of experienced. I got absorbed into the world of working single-mom of two during a pandemic, online schooling, lots of doctor’s appointments to fixed me after years of neglecting my physical health and processing through my existence to the present day.

I learned a lot this last year, and it’s been good to slow down and handle my stuff a bit more. Yes, it meant some balls dropped before they were entirely in the air, but I think it will work out for the better. I had a chance to study my life and see where there was room to grow and the unnecessary complexity in my life. It showed me my bad habits and my good habits, and I got to examine my values.

With the political whirlwind, I am sure many of us got slapped in the face with values and morals. I hope that we all took a moment to sit back and determine which ones fit us, which ones were critical for social justice, and what we could do with it. And we aren’t even out of the woods yet.

2020 rocked the boat, but I think we could learn a lot from it if we let ourselves. I realized that I need to simplify. I needed my life to be more like a 6-step waltz than a fancy dance routine from Dirty Dancing while spinning plates with one hand and bouncing a ball with the opposite foot (at least that’s how I felt).

Every personal new year, or birthday, I pick out my theme, goals, and what I would like to focus my energy towards in my upcoming year around the sun. Some years, it’s easy – others, not so much. Last year was all about healing, and I spent a lot of it working internally, through therapy and spirituality. I know that I still have a long way to go, but I can see the distance that I have come as well.

This year I want to challenge myself and go back to the basics. I am moving again into a smaller place and no backyard or the necessary room to store many things. So I will need to simplify my living space and clutter.

The challenge is minimizing some of the clutter that gathers in an artist’s home is sometimes not easy and picking the projects I will finish while letting other projects go that I idealize and dream of one day doing but won’t. I don’t know if I can Marie Kondo it – all art brings me joy, and my ADHD mind gets so excited when I pull up an old project. Until I realize it’s been two years and I forgot it in a stack of other projects, but I still want to do it.

Object Permanence is a big issue in my home but simplifying should help, I hope.

What does back to the basics mean past simplifying—what can I do while going back to the basics?

Schedule, I am keeping my free time simple instead of cramming many things into just a few hours. I can only plan on 1-2 things a day, leaving time to myself, my kids, and the things that light us up. I would consider something like errands one item as long as they stay bunched together.

Creativity, I can still do simple arts that I already have the tools and supplies for, which are as follows: writing, drawing, sketching, digital and acrylic painting. There are no new art modalities this year, so I am focused on the things I know I love and enjoy. If I get an itch to start something new, I will put it on a list for 2022 in my Bullet Journal.

Spiritually, I will build a simple ritual to do daily while focusing my dedication to Persephone. With a focus to guide me and help me proceed with one message instead of bouncing around everywhere. Another post to come to as why Persephone was the choice for this year.

Career, I want to be focused on the job I have with fewer distractions. So, I am going to limit side-hustles and focus here. There should only be a couple of times a year that I plan to do side-work.

Financially, No whimsical spending this year. The goal is to save as much as I can to put a down payment on a home in 5 years—no clothes, shoes, or products for me unless absolutely necessary. The girls will get gifts within a budget for their birthdays and Christmas, clothes for school if needed, and shoes.

Future Plans, I will pause big plans for Whimsical Moon this year to focus on internal things, and since it’s not fully operational, it’s an excellent time to take that time. I want to revaluate what Whimsical Moon can be and make any changes to those plans, but no implementation.

Physical Environment, We as a family will go through the house and think about exactly why we have each of our possessions. Downsizing can be challenging, but if it’s not serving us, then it needs to go. With only a few exceptions, such as tools, they can be expensive and a few craft books that do not come in a digital form. Out they go.

But this means letting go of so many things I want to try and buy way too much of and swamp myself with clutter. Such as:
Stuff Animal making
Vinyl Crafts
Felt Crafts
Fancy Cooking
Polymer Clay Sculpting
and so many others.

So the next step, re-establishing my values. From that point, it will be easier to go through the physical, mental, emotional, and scheduling clutter to eliminate what doesn’t serve me.

❤️ Fae