A week into simplifying, and there has been good progress and some much-needed improvement. I went through about a quarter of my crafts last weekend, giving away SIX boxes of crafting stuff and TWO trash bags. I also went through some clothes, and we started a large donation box – to get to Goodwill.

Honestly, I thought I would be further along, but I struggled to stay focused and work. Weekdays are the hardest. I go to work, and by the time I am home, my spoons are few if not depleted. 

Another struggle that I noticed is that whenever my brain starts to flutter off to unpleasant places, I pick up my phone and start browsing shops. And the shops are everywhere!

Facebook, Amazon, and Frys are a few of the apps that I kept since I don’t grocery shop in stores currently. And I have deleted all of my other temptation apps, like DressLily, Wish, and Mercari. Mercari was so hard to let go of, too; it’s an excellent app for gently used clothes (and other things), and the profits go to many women-owned-small businesses that have their shops on the app. 

But I don’t need more clothes – so Mercari had to go.

Facebook might be next, except I need it for work. You can’t work in marketing in 2021 and not use social media. Perhaps it just doesn’t need to be on my phone. 

This getting back to the basics continues to grow in context, and slowly it’s all coming together. More it going, fewer distractions, but my mind is restless looking for things to do.

I got to keep going and retrain my brain!