Life is a journey; I don’t think many people would refute that. You weave on and off your path, and it’s normal. I find that I do this probably more than most, and there is always something that triggers me to realize that I am off my path again. However, I don’t always find my way back because I am one of those people.

You know the person I am talking about, who doesn’t seem to walk the same path that most do. That wanders into the woods, distracted by the butterflies on a way that strays so far from others. That’s how I feel most of the time, and it’s been interesting to see all of the like-minded people joining this path.

I was one of only a few of the witchy people that I knew since I was 13. I remember the first Wicca movement when I was 15-17, and I tried it, but it wasn’t for me. So I wandered away onto my path again. Today, my practice is very much Norse/Celtic, in honor of my ginger ancestors were mostly while still honoring my ancestors of other ethnicities. Weekly & daily rituals are becoming part of my every day in honor of my family, home, and goddess.

Spirituality inspires me deeply, like most people. It helps me understand who I am and where my path curves. I have practiced healing work for almost 20 years; Reiki, Acupressure, Chakra, DNA Restructioning, Massage, and many more. I work with stones, tarot, candle, intuitive, and chaos magic almost daily – it helps me fill my cup, and I am so grateful for this work and having learned it at a young age. It all brings me back to who I have always wanted to be, reminds me of what I want to do in this world, the people I want to help.

A big part of becoming the person I am transforming into is changing my birth name to my childhood pain. I am not running from the pain; I have been doing the shadow work, addressing myself, and healing the inner child with those deep scars. I am allowing myself to transform into the next phase of my life; the shadow work won’t be over, and I will not be perfect. I am giving myself to live as someone I want to be now.

The self-discovery won’t cease because I move forward, it will change, but I think a little change is needed.

So here to Faelyn A. Fox… and her journey to become a Health & Wellness Coach with a particular interest in mental/emotional health and spiritual development.

<3 Fae

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