I feel weird writing about this topic this week. It feels so much like bragging to talk about all the good things you’ve done. I imagine that’s only one way to look at it, but it still makes me nervous. This week talks about the contribution from everything to giving ideas, positive feedback, and giving to those in need. It’s all about helping others – I love that, but I don’t usually talk about what I do to help others.

I know I contribute in many ways. I work, I freelance, I donate money, and I help when asked. I also contribute to online boards for artists and others with funny lifestyle choices. I support and am raising two beautiful children that have manners, are empathic, and contribute in their way.

There have been points in my life where I do for others simply because I feel called to help. For instance, it’s early morning before school, and I had to stop for gas when an older woman came up to me. I looked up as she told me that her daughter had dropped off her two grandkids that morning – The older woman didn’t know when her daughter was coming back but knew she needed gas to get them to school. I didn’t have any cash on me, but I didn’t hesitate to slip over, stick my card into the gas pump and let her know to fill up her tank. The woman then lectured me on giving so much to people that I don’t know, and I knew that she had a hard time approaching me for help. I thanked her for the advice and reassured her that I was happy to help before leaving. I get weird looks when I talk about my giving habits, and some say I give too much. I do it because you never know what that person is going through.

I try to be there for my friends wherever I can be. I know I am super busy, but I am trying to make them more of a priority in my life. Even if it’s just hanging out, listening, cleaning the house together, running errands, or just chatting on the phone. Sometimes it’s buying their new product or art… it shows support and love. I want them to know that I love them.

I do feel called to help others wherever possible. There is this grand vision that I am working on right now where I own and run a Holistic Healing Retreat that is a renovated campground to keep as much of the natural element to it as possible. The RV pads are transformed into sustainable tiny houses, and tent camping is still an option. The Retreat would attract healers, coaches, shamans, spiritual workers, physical trainers, yoga teachers, and mental health specialists around the world come to help bring people back to their bodies, nature, and peace of mind. It would highlight teaching coping mechanisms, bringing healing into your daily lives, and how to connect deeper into the parts of ourselves that sometimes get forgotten.

Eventually, I would run a summer camp for tweens and teens to help them prep for the world as an adult. In hopes that by learning these things before adulthood, I can help ease the stress – even if it’s just a bit.

But to get to this vision of community, I have started to work on myself and my goals to be able to deliver the skills that I already have. I do massage, reiki, energetic DNA restructuring, my spiritual practice, and now, I am working towards starting Health and Wellness Coaching. I feel it will give me a solid ground to offer my services while helping me start tackling the things I need to work on within myself. I want to help people on a truly deep level.

So I am trying to focus on one to multiply instead of trying to minimize from enormous goal. I think being able to accomplish this will show a lot of people that anyone can do this. I have a lot to share with the world, and I think that it can be done. I don’t know the specifics right now, but I have the faith to make it real.

I want to live my life helping others.

<3 Fae