As we move into Lughnasadh, it’s good to remember that it is the First Harvest and when many of the crops can and will be harvested and stored carefully for the coming winter months when food will be tough to grow. In the modern world, this is less difficult, but it can be good to do a different type of harvest.

So I am proposing doing a Joylist each week as a mental & emotional harvest that not only helps us be present but will remind us in the holiday months, when so many get low, to count our blessings.

I challenge anyone up to it to create a Joylist with ten things that fill you with Joy. I am choosing to post mine with photos, but this could be as private or public as you wish.

Rose in Bloom

Here is my list for the week, and as a dedication to my patron goddess, Freya – I am committing to 13 Joys each week:

  1. Having Fun with my Kids
  2. The Tuscan Sun (healing tears)
  3. The Movement of Making Art
  4. Scrapbooking/Memory Keeping
  5. A fresh rose smells heavenly
  6. Learning About Almost Anything
  7. Rainy days with tea and honey
  8. A storm rumbles
  9. Pauses between tasks
  10. Flowy dresses that twirl
  11. Loved one’s healing hugs
  12. Seeking out New Small-Business Shops
  13. Tarot Deck and Crystals I Love

I enjoyed making my list this week, and I hope you enjoy yours.

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